Books Illuminated, LLC is a vertically integrated book publisher comprised of Adult, New Adult, Early Adult, Middle Grade, and Children’s properties with potential for spin-off products such as motion pictures, television series, comics, graphic novels, games, music, fashions, and general merchandise. We also provide custom distribution, marketing, fulfillment, and sales services for other publishing companies and self-published authors. We are committed to diversity in our publishing programs, and to fostering a culture of inclusion for all our employees and authors. Books Illuminated is affiliated with – producer of award-winning video promotions for the publishing industry. Our imprint and junior business site are havens where kids and their parents can read and learn about the world around them.

Our mission is to ignite a universal passion for reading and the exploration of ideas. We believe that books, and the stories they hold, have the unique capacity to connect us, change us, and carry us toward a better world.

We offer authors best-in-class audio book publishing and work closely with authors to share their words with skilled actors, directors, and producers to create recordings that are faithful to the text and a truly immersive experience.

We welcome direct submissions from authors, including complete novels, novellas, sequential art, illustrated picture books, short stories and short story compilations, poetry, and art anthologies.

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From The New York Review of Books

  • “Archival research can be magical, maddening, and sobering. Finding just one mention of an enslaved person’s name or an enslaved family’s home in a record can feel monumental.”
  • It will take time to know exactly how many people have been killed. Netanyahu has only made it harder.
  • Like so much about New York City politics, the fates of the various Gaza solidarity encampments that sprang up throughout the city in recent weeks were in part a question […]