Books Illuminated Acquires World Rights to “BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey” Clark Hilton Sci-Fi

In a pre-empt, the publisher has inked a six-figure, two book deal for the BAMBOO series.

Los Angeles, CA – Books Illuminated, LLC announces that it has acquired, in a pre-empt, the world publishing rights to the Clark Hilton speculative climate fiction, BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey, in a six-figure, two-book deal. The first volume of the BAMBOO series debuts November 2023 with the follow-on volume scheduled for late 2024.

The publisher’s focus is working with their authors and entertainment partners on literary properties that can be monetized globally via a variety of revenue streams.

“The imagery leaps off the page for us, making BAMBOO a stellar candidate for ancillary markets such as motion pictures, limited series, and video games,” says company spokesperson Art Radley. “The BAMBOO series melds literary flair with wide audience crossover to speculative fiction and coming-of-age fans. We’re excited to bring this series to market, beginning with BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey.”

The imagery leaps off the page for us, making BAMBOO a stellar candidate for ancillary markets such as motion pictures, limited series, and video games.

Art Radley, BI Spokesperson

According to the author, the story emerged from the unlikely discovery of a curious holographic cube. Hilton formed a team to employ linguistic and scientific techniques to decode the ephemeral medium. During the 18-month research project, the cube’s extraordinary contents were deciphered and translated. The team describes their methods and findings in a paper titled, “Quantum Interpolation of Non-Dimensional Ephemera,” currently under peer review.

BAMBOO is the near-future folktale of a teen girl’s odyssey from her family farm in search of a glistening city. But nature’s fury tumbles her into a brutish world of dangers beyond imagination. As she struggles to survive in this nightmare, others seek to use the dark-skinned girl’s secrets against her. Now she must battle rough men and terrible beasts to find her way home.

Regarding financing for current and future acquisitions, Radley says, “The publishing company is backed by equity investment from a syndicate of UHNWI and family offices led by Family Office Match.”


Publisher Books Illuminated, LLC specializes in acquiring fully edited and proofed manuscripts for rapid turnaround to market. All acquisitions are selected for quality, as well as ancillary market potential: motion pictures, streaming series, animated series, music, fine art, comics, graphic novels, audiobooks, toys, games, and fashions.

Clark Hilton scribes award-winning words for the screen, print, and science edutainment. A business innovator, Hilton invented a tech platform to empower enterprises to transform torpid IP into new opportunities. (