The Odd Ms. Bodkins and the Big Crunch – 2nd Edition

The new, second edition of the children’s classic, The Odd Ms. Bodkins and the Big Crunch, by Brother Goose, is available now in hardcover and softcover. It features all the original illustrations and includes a fun puzzle featuring words from the Goose Glossary.

If you’re fond of oddly odd nannies, if you favor even odder older nannies, or even if your nanny was your granny…you’ll fall for the most uncanny nanny of them all, when the odd Ms. Bodkins embarks on the biggest, crunchiest adventure in the cosmos: The Odd Ms. Bodkins and the Big Crunch!

Readers have called it witty, comparing it to tales like Shrek, and say it’s packed with big ideas and fun footnotes to help young readers learn new words and concepts.

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