Schools & Libraries – “BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey” Hardcover Available

Books Illuminated is proud to make available to school libraries and public institutions the hardbound version of their popular climate fiction, “BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey.”

The Clark Hilton debut speculative fiction novel, “BAMBOO,” is now available to buy direct in hardcover and softcover. The book includes the standard PCIP block for easy ordering by schools, libraries, and book retailers.

For readers, libraries, and schools, this climate fiction novel is now available to buy direct in both hardcover and softcover formats. Both formats feature achingly beautiful chapter illustrations, notes from the author on the story’s strange origins and its future, and a book club discussion guide. BAMBOO continues to be available worldwide at popular retailers.

This novel is as literary as it is entertaining, with a playful use of language and cultural references that can be utilized by teachers to expand their students’ horizons. The hardbound edition is sturdy for institutional use and will hold up to many readings. The novel includes a student and book club discussion starter, with the complete set of questions available at Book Club.

Book Description: In a near tomorrow, Gen journeys from her lonely family farm in search of a gleaming utopia filled with excitement, new friends… maybe even love. But Earth’s fury tumbles her into a brutish world beyond her imagination. Where nature is a nemesis. Humanity is hostile. And no place is safe. As Gen struggles to survive in this nightmare, others seek to use the dark-skinned girl’s secrets against her. Now she must battle rough men and terrible beasts to find her way home.

“The popularity of the climate fiction genre has exploded as people across America see the devastating effects of wind, sun, and wave, making living on planet Earth a trial by fire,” says publisher spokesperson Art Radley. “Authors Kim Stanley Robinson, Emily St. John Mandel, Cormac McCarthy, and Margaret Atwood have all explored these prescient themes.”

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BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey
by Clark Hilton
ISBN: 979-8-9886020-3-3 (hardback) | 979-8-9886020-4-0 (paperback) | LCCN: 2023921366
6×9, 384pp, with chapter illustrations